Oil Pipeline Breaks, Nigeria - a disaster risk reduction approach

The story of the Nigeria oil pipeline breaks: a disaster risk reduction approach

The prevalence of oil pipeline vandalism in Nigeria has recently emerged as one of the veritable problems to human life and security.  Beyond the economic loss of  oil, pipeline breaks that runs into billions of dollars, and the massive land degradation  caused by oil spills, thousands of lives have been lost in the past decade due to oil pipeline explosions.  These breaks and their effects have fast become an alarming disaster to the communities living around the right of way of oil pipelines and indeed to the nation at large. This documentary  explores the causes of oil pipeline vandalism and its effect  on the Nigerian state and describes briefly how the Nigerian Government introduced a structural intervention by  implementing a disaster risk reduction approach to reducing the menace of oil pipeline explosions and related emergencies.

See video: The story of the Nigeria Oil Pipeline breaks: A Disaster Risk Reduction approach.